Every purchase a consumer makes has a lasting impact on the planet and its environment.

As a brand, we strive to be transparent in our production efforts as we move towards more sustainable and ethical choices. From our sourcing and production, down to our packaging, we make an effort to ensure that each garment is created as environmentally conscious as possible! 

When businesses look for a location to manufacture their products, they naturally want a place that will provide them with savings and a fast turnaround time. To achieve this, many brands often outsource abroad, where labor and production costs tend to be much cheaper. While there are many manufacturers overseas that are starting to produce more ethically, we can't always guarantee or know how responsible and ethical a factory operates. By producing our clothing locally, through LA based offices and facilities, we can ensure that our clothes are made by workers who receive fair wages, work in safe conditions, and have access to healthcare benefits. 

All efforts big or small can make an impact on the environment. Our packaging is made up of 100% recycled content and 50% post-consumer waste. By using eco-friendly packaging, we can help reduce carbon footprint and avoid contributing to the world's pollution crisis. 


ALKY Athleisure's pieces are designed to be adaptable and versatile for more than one occasion taking a reduce, reuse and re-wear approach. Owning staple pieces that can be worn in multiple ways more than once will reduce what you feel the need to buy. Today, reusing is essential to reducing fashion footprint, and we can all make an effort to normalize re-wearing and redressing outfits!

As a conscious consumer, if you're purchasing the right product with good quality, you won't need to keep replacing, therefore taking a greener approach to your wardrobe. ALKY ATHLEISURE represents a culture of buying less, but buying better!